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Question for August 18/19, 2007:
Fr. John Yockey of St. Jerome Church in Milwaukee is tired of parents who send their children to a Catholic school for a faith based education when they themselves don’t practice their religion.  Fr. Yockey recently explained on NBC's Today show, that he gives a tuition subsidy of $1,400 to parishioners who send their children to a Catholic school, provided that the parents attend Mass at least 7 out of 10 Sundays.  He uses donation envelopes and a registry that parents sign as proof that they’ve attended Mass.

We talked to parents and priests around Connecticut to see what they thought of this carrot and stick approach to attending Mass.  Now it’s your turn to take a stand on this issue...

Do you think a program that offers parents of Catholic school children a tuition subsidy, provided that the parents regularly attend Mass, is an effective way of encouraging parents to practice their faith?

Results:  50% - Yes        50% - No

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